This is me

This is me: Zerin Hassan

This is me: Zerin Hassan

A little less serious


Name: Zerin Hassan

Age: 29

Where are you right now- tell us what you can see?

At work, looking at a pot plant.

What did you have for breakfast?

Does a probiotic and coffee count?

What are you usually doing at 11pm?

Scowling my Instagram or reading Daily Mail. Don’t judge me haha.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

People are often surprised when they find out I am half French.


A little more serious


Tell us a bit about your story? What defines you?

I was in my early teens when I went to visit a doctor and was told I have depression. He prescribed me a set of medication and offered me a mental health plan. I remember sitting in my car crying. Felt like the world was going to end. I confined in someone and they made it all about them and it broke my heart. Now looking back at it, I understand this person didn’t know how to deal with that situation. Didn’t know the words to say or what to do so kind of just let it go. I guess going back 10+ years ago there wasn’t a lot of awareness back then. I have had a unhealthy relationship with medication to treat depression and anxiety (I developed later in my 20s) When I say unhealthy I mean I never followed through. I would take a tablet here and there, or be so good, then ‘life got better’, ‘I felt better and I’d stop my meds. This was doing so much more harm then good. From being depressed to having anxiety and developing social anxiety over the last year I have really shut down and lost myself. As much as there is help out there, finding help or the right medication to be on has actually been a massive struggle for me personally. Medication has worked great for lots of individuals but this year I decided to stop all medication and let my brain think on its own for the first time in a long time. Living with mental health is scary, it’s lonely, it’s sad I never know which mood I am going to be in each day. I can be so happy one minute and one hour later I am in bed crying my eyes out and completely shut down.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your life?

Like everybody we all have our good days and bad days. My mind is my biggest challenge. Or my chemical imbalance right? It’s hard for me to fake it and act like everything is okay when I am not okay. There a days when I am great and feel on top of the world. I can’t commit to any plans long term anymore cause I just don’t know how I may feel that day. There a days were I physically cannot get out of bed to sit through a family event or blog event or whatever. I get anxiety going to Coles at times. It’s a war with my mind. A ongoing challenge a lot of people won’t understand.

How did you overcome that challenge?

I wouldn’t say I have overcome it yet but I am challenging myself. I am telling my mind you can go. If someone ask me out to catch up I will say a pending yes. I have been very honest with my friends and family on what I go through. And If I cancel on you to not take it personal. I send them a message and tell them I am not in the best place right now. Sadly some friends I have lost. They made my mental health about them rather be there for me or try and understand. Walking really helps my anxiety. I just plan on trying my best each day. And if I slip up. I will try again tomorrow .

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt?

Be careful who you pour your heart out to. People will use your weakness against you.

What would you tell your 15year old self?

Wear those jeans hunny. Your legs are not fat!

What is your biggest life tip?

You don’t have to be like everyone else or follow the pack. It’s ok to be you.

What do you think is the biggest issue facing women today?

Everyone is too busy competing with each other. We should unite and support each other.

What do you think is the biggest opportunity for women today?

It’s no longer a man world. Women are taking over.

Finish the sentence This Is me …I been through it all baby, but I am still standing firmly on my two feet. A fucking fighter!