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At Home with Georgia Mort

At Home with Georgia Mort

Our ongoing ‘JA At Home Series’ aims to unite women during this difficult and isolating time. It’s a way to share on our experiences, provide insights into our current lives and ways in which we are all managing, in the hopes that as a collective, we can stay connected from our homes and help one another through this.

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Georgia is simply put, a breath of fresh air. Below, Georgia has shared her isolation experience and ways in which she is managing. I’m sure it will inspire you as much as it inspired me. Enjoy

How are you? I love being asked this question at the moment because it forces me to place myself in the present moment. Today, I am feeling very grounded and grateful for my health. I think particularly during these times, It is important to check in with yourself and a friend by simply asking how are you?

Tell us where you are and what you can see? I am currently nestled into my couch with my beautiful dog sprawled over me. He is very needy haha I can see my favourite tree in my backyard which looks like the tree from the film “Big Fish.”

What are you reading?  I am currently reading a few books simultaneously as unfortunately I have a bad habit of picking up various books at the same time and becoming side-tracked by another! I am reading Bad Blood, Living in Flow, Mindful Compassion, More Myself and I am re-reading the Body Keeps Score.

What are you listening to? Podcasts are my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE and are one of my highlights of the day. I love listening to the Melissa Ambrossini podcast, the Shameless Podcast, Seize the Yay, Girls Gotta Eat, The Friend of a Friend, the Ultimate Health Podcast, Under the Skin with Russell Brand, The Goop podcast, the Toure Show, the Joe Rogan Podcast, the Fitness and Lifestyle Podcast, the Health Code and Unlocking Us by Brene Brown… evidently, I LOVE podcasts haha.

What are you watching? I am currently watching Chernobyl and Little Fires Everywhere. I’m a big fan of mini-series and any documentaries!

What are you wearing day to day? Due to Covid and staying at home, I am living in my most comfortable clothing – normally trackies, active-wear and over-sized hoodies.

Have you implemented some structure to your day? Or are you taking it a day at a time? Yes, I still have a some-what routine structured into my day as it keeps me grounded – particularly as I am a typical type-A personality which is both a blessing and a curse haha! I love starting my day with a green tonic and a morning run as it sets me up for the day. I think showing up, not being too hard on ourselves, avoiding expectations and giving our very best during these strange times is all we can do.

How are you keeping busy? I am still working a normal “work-day” as I am a Family Lawyer so I am feeling very grateful as it keeps me very occupied. I am ensuring I treat Monday to Friday like a normal work week, where I incorporate various forms of exercise before or after work and have regular breaks throughout my day to ensure I remain motivated.

Are you doing any at-home workouts? Yes definitely – I find moving my body is the best form of medicine and I have been mixing it up with various teachers and classes. I love practicing yoga with the guidance of my Good Vibes family online (the studio I teach Yoga), the guidance of my beautiful friend Duncan Parviainen via his new platform HOV, the incredible Byron goddesses Tahl and Bess from Creature Yoga, the inspiring Masha Gorodilova, the 30 day Ab Challenge with Home, the dynamite Alex from Hustl, any class on Alomoves depending on my mood and energy, and Patrick Beach and Carling Harpes classes online on Youtube.

How are you staying positive? To trust the process and accept whatever comes my way.

How are you practicing self care? What are you doing to look after your mental health? I have just started incorporating a skincare routine into my day as I have never been one to use skincare products and only ever used water! It’s surprisingly quite fun and I find it a lovely way to wind down at night-time. I am continuing my meditation and yoga practice as they are my main anchors by keeping me very grounded and have a noticeable ripple effect throughout my day – they are my non-negotiables and have been my saviours during Covid.

What are you most grateful for right now? I am most grateful for my beautiful family/friends. I think Covid has allowed everyone to truly appreciate the special people in our lives.

What are you most hopeful for? That people will continue the slower lifestyle after Covid and remain more present. I am also hopeful that humanity will become a little kinder to one another and place less pressure on ourselves – we have all become too critical!!

What has been the most unexpected blessing that has come out of this for you? I think pre-Covid, we were all victims of the rat race and I think these times have allowed us to pause and take a moment. An unknown fact by many, I have Cystic Fibrosis which normally requires numerous hospital admissions throughout the year to improve my lung capacity. Fortunately, Covid-19 has forced me to slow down and consequently, I have not been admitted once!!

Are there any goals you have set yourself? Another fact about me, I was an avid piano player when I was in high school and almost completed Grade 8 – I have promised myself during this second lockdown to play at least 20 minutes a day as life “got in the way” and I became too busy. I think any activity which forces you to remain present in the moment is a beautiful way to incorporate moving meditation into your day.

What are you most looking forward to in the future? To give everyone a humongous hug!!!!!

Any other tips? I think everyone needs a gentle reminder to remain kind to one another, offer a simple gesture to brighten someone’s day, be gentle on ourselves and remain present. There is a big difference between being human and human being – we need to enjoy the ride!!

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