This is me

⁠#WeWearAustralian is an initiative born from a sense of commitment and connection to our community, to unite our fashion industry & in the process, support Australians in need with our partners @thread_together. ⁠

Celebrating the legacy of the women who came before us this Mother's Day

“The language of entrepreneurship is about strength, power, leadership. Rarely do we hear terms such as empathy, vulnerability or isolation. These women believe that should change…”

The Australian fashion industry has been hit hard with the ongoing impact of the pandemic and there has never been a more crucial moment in time to support the Australian fashion industry and unite together in a collaborative effort.

Watch Coco style the Paint The Sky shirt like nobody's business!!

We teamed up with the incredible Amanda from The Honest Jones to create a short film dedicated to the JA woman.

Yes, this is one of those pinch yourself moments, or should I say 2 of them?

How do you define all your biggest desires, fears, emotions and passion into a single sentence. Impossible right?..

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