We hope you love your Jasmine Alexa purchase but if you are not 100% satisfied, we will provide a full refund, exchange or 110% credit note for all full price items.

SALE items - We offer store credit or exchanges only. No refunds.

Please review our returns policy before making a return request.

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About Refundid

Refundid is a third party Instant Refund platform!
When using Refundid, refunds are paid out instantly meaning they are received in your bank account within 60 seconds of the return being lodged through Refundid!

Refundid is available to use at Jasmine Alexa on FULL PRICE Items only within Australia.

You have 10 days to post your return! If your return tracking has not updated within 10 days, Refundid will reverse the instant refund they have paid out to you. Refundid is 100% free to use.

Purchases made with Afterpay are still eligible to receive a refund from Refundid by following the Refundid process. The refund will not settle your Afterpay instalments and you will be required to pay the remaining instalments to Afterpay. For example: 1. Michelle buys a $100 t-shirt and pays her first $25 instalment to Afterpay. 2. She decides the t-shirt is too small and lodges a refund from Refundid. 3. After entering her order and tracking number she is paid the full $100 from Refundid. 4. Michelle must pay Afterpay the remaining $75 at the specified payment dates.