This is me

"I’ve decided not to treat life as if it’s on hold. I’m going to keep living and do things that make me feel good and keep contributing in any way that I can."

'There’s a lot of rhetoric in the self-development and wellness sphere that we must ‘optimise’ the time, be productive, reinvent ourselves, start a side hustle etc. That’s all well and good If you’re in the headspace, but ..."

We’re trying to be grateful for the little things. The simple stuff that sometimes goes unnoticed, like how nice the afternoons are now the sun is out, morning walks along the beach or being able to spend more time with our dog now that we are home all the time”

Priyanka shares invaluable insight about isolation, as this is not her first time in isolation after caring for her baby Lily, who sadly lost her battle with an incurable brain condition, Miller Dieker Syndrome in 2017.

Lauren is a good friend and one half of the cult brand, Will & Bear. Loz shares her current world and how she is guiding and navigating her way through this time.

Andie is the founder of the coveted Vinny Yoga, a comprehensive yoga directory aimed to help you discover and expand your yoga practice. After launching ‘Vinny at Home’, we spoke to Andie about her day-to-day and finding her new normal during this time

Founder of Jasmine Alexa. I  share some insight into what has worked and was hasn’t for me, in the hopes that it can shed some light on your current worlds.

Whether you're sweating up in a storm in your living room, or just want to have a good old fashioned boogie, we have created the most epic disco playlist for you!

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