This is me

I had the absolute pleasure of talking with @relauncher_alison from the Mindfulbiz Podcast about thinking outside the box when it comes to business, social Media, influencer marketing, distribution and brand extension. 

I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to Casey from The Real Her Project podcast about Jasmine Alexa being more than just a clothing brand, the need for ethical and sustainable fashion, my journey in the industry, This is and what it means to truly give back as a business owner.⁠

I had the honour to spoke to the lovely Hayley from Be The Girl Podcast about how I started in the fashion industry, This is me and my mental health journey, balancing a healthy lifestyle while running 2 businesses and a part time job, plus so much more. 

I had the absolute pleasure of talking to Alicia from Honestly Imperfect to share what the journey was like behind launching Jasmine Alexa and my own mental health story plus so much more.

Join Jasmine and the beautiful international stylist, bespoke shopper and dear friend Coco Louise for a fun styling session with the new Soleil collection.

"Recognising self doubt, then taking action allows you to move onwards and upwards."

Clarissa is one of those people who light up a room when she walks in, she has an energy about her, a warmth almost, she is also incredibly generous with her time and willingness to lend a hand. She is also the founder of True Tribe, and an incredible mum to Zephyr. Let’s meet Clarissa…

Dani plays huge part in the day to day operations of Australian professional tennis and the Australian tennis players we all know and love (Go team Barty!)She also just finished her Phd, has run marathons, done triathlons, trekked to Everest Base Camp and drank whiskey chilled with glacial ice. Let’s meet Dani…