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In Conversation with Alison Morgan

In Conversation with Alison Morgan

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business? 

I'm the founder of business coaching company, Relauncher, specialising in one-on-one online Business Coaching. I'm also the founder of Sticky Studio; a boutique branding studio specialising in Small Business Branding and Marketing.

How, when and why did you decide to launch? What was the lightbulb moment?  My Corporate background involved working for Global Blue Chip Companies in their Marketing and Business Development teams. 11years ago, I launched Relauncher, where I coach Small Business Owners to set up, grow or evolve their business. All coaching is 1:1, with tailored solutions to grow their business. Businesses range from start ups through to those with multi-million dollar turnovers. All sessions are focused on moving the business forward in a way that aligns with the Business Owner. From there, I launched Sticky Studio. I have a team of fabulous Designers who create beautiful brands, ebooks, online courses, packaging and so much more; allowing for brands to pop! There wasn't ever a lightbulb moment to start my own business - it was a dream I had since I was in high school.

It can be incredible daunting starting your own business. What do you think equipped you for it and what gave you the conviction to actually do it? I had several years working in Corporate around Australia and in London. I was way too green to start my business any earlier, so this was a great foundation for me to springboard from! I had fabulous mentors and really great experience working with big budgets. Small Business is so different, however I found this experience gave me confidence in starting my own business.

What were the major obstacles or challenges, especially unforeseen ones? Finding my target audience and converting sales. Most businesses face this in their initial years in business - it takes \ longer to get a business on track than I had originally thought! However once you adjust and evolve (which is part of the journey), the rewards are there waiting.

What were the unexpected rewards or highlights?  Seeing the results of clients, having freedom & flexibility in my day and earning more than I did in my Corporate roles. These are elements you dream of, however until it's a reality it's hard to believe that you're capable of creating these incredible highlights and rewards for yourself.

Having your own business can at times lead to self-doubt. Do you relate to this and if so, how does it manifest for you? How do you combat it?  I have a very strong mind, so I've never sat in self-doubt for too long. I've always had a mantra in these times that says, stand up tall and proceed with confidence. Recognising self doubt, then taking action allows you to move onwards and upwards.

On the flip side, what are your hopes and visions for your business – how do you hope the world benefits from it?  I've always wanted to help as many Small Business Owners as possible. Rather than doing this via group programs, I've done this in a boutique way through working 1:1. With Sticky Studio and having a team of Designers, we can now help many more businesses with their marketing, growth and presence. The world needs as many Small Businesses as possible - I love that Small Businesses are fuelled by passion.

What relationships have been integral to your journey?  A very supportive husband who believed in me even when the business wasn't making sales - always. tough stage when you're starting up! Also the online community of Small Business Owners who I connect with every single day. Understanding what they want and needed has shaped my business along the way.

Our ethos at Jasmine Alexa is encouraging women to set their own pace. How do you slow it down and set your own pace?  Daily exercise, Meditation and a good nights sleep!

What advice would you give someone wanting to start their own thing?  Keep it simple and take action. Don't spend too long in the planning phase.

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