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Behind the scenes of our collection III campaign shoot

Behind the scenes of our collection III campaign shoot

Photoshoots are usually high stress, with many people trying to have their say, sharp deadlines and the noxious smell of hair spray and steamers. Our Collection IIII campaign and lookbook shoot could not have been further from this. 

Odin working his magic. Lucie wears the Find Your Fire top and By Your Side shorts


A model waits in the wings before stepping out on the runway

It was the most perfect of days, the kind of day where butterflies are dancing and the sun has just the right amount of warmth to it. Pulling up at our location in the beautiful Dandenong ranges, it felt as if we had arrived at a chateaux in the french country side. It was the charming home of an artist and photographer who had transformed a humble abode into a elegant masterpiece where every detail was considered. From the mismatched chairs that matched in an odd yet beautiful way, to the exterior rendering chipped away, just enough to expose the bricks below, as if to see and feel the passing of time. The high ceilings and ornate chandeliers were as grand as the large arched glass doors that open to the a lavish, blossoming garden embellished with roses, peonies and poppies. This was the place, the place to tell the story of the JA woman on her vacation to the french countryside.

Below is a behind the scenes film of the day, captured by Rubin. Enjoy

The team behind the magic.

Photography: Odin ver del Wilde

BTS photography: Rubin Utama

Styling and creative direction: Annika Hain

Make up and Hair: Candice September

Model: Lucie Williams. Chadwick Models

Annika and Odin having a cute couple moment.


Rubin filming the day. Lucie wears the Find Your Fire top in Black, Horizon skirt and By Your Side shorts

That door!


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