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Making magic in California with The Honest Jones

Making magic in California with The Honest Jones

We teamed up with the incredible Amanda from The Honest Jones to create a short film dedicated to the JA woman. With a little bit of sunshine, plenty of talent and dash of magic, the outcome will mesmerise. 

Picture this - a beautiful sunny winters day in California, maybe a stereotypical palm tree or two and a glistening ocean with crisp white sand that spans the horizon. Sounds like heaven right? Well this is Manhattan beach, and the beautiful set for our shoot. It was also Kseniia's, our JA woman, favourite place to escape to.



Let's take a step back for a minute, because the next part is vague with details and to understand the outcome, is to understand how this project came about it the first place. The Honest Jones are a power couple (Amanda is only one half- so imagine what the whole unit is capable of, woah!) who create beautiful, thought provoking films. In their words, "we believe in creative work in its purest form; clean but not overly polished. Work that has depth, but not unnecessarily complicated." So when Amanda reached out about creating some magic together, it was an easy yes. Amanda just got it. With absolutely no direction from us, she just simply got it. Below, in all its refined and expressive glory, is our short film dedicated to the JA women. She is the modern active woman, combating this fast pace world with comfortable and elegant clothes that allow her to move with ease and comfort so she can set her own pace. Thank you Amanda for creating this piece of pure magic, and to Kseniia for being the JA woman!


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