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At Home with Alice Whitfield

At Home with Alice Whitfield

Our ongoing ‘JA At Home Series’ aims to unite women during this difficult and isolating time. It’s a way to share on our experiences, provide insights into our current lives and ways in which we are all managing, in the hopes that as a collective, we can stay connected from our homes and help one another through this.

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Alice is the brains behind NOAH Training, Melbourne’s rooftop studio. Yes, you read that right, rooftop fitness studio! Due to the current times, Alice has adapted her business so her community can do her workouts from the comfort of their home. She shares insight into her current world and how she is managing and navigating through this time.

Noah Training


How are you? Fabulous! – You might be saying “OK how can you be fabulous in this current climate?!” Well, a few years ago I found myself auto-replying “good thanks, how are you?” and I decided I wanted to stop that. It is such a nothing/deflective response, and when I reply with “Fabulous!” it always makes the other person smile and stop in their tracks. Which makes me smile haha! I love being cheeky and making others grin. But if I really stop to check in with myself, I am: OK, happy, stressed, positive, anxious, confident, lost, silly, grateful and strong at different seconds of the day.

Tell us where you are and what you can see? I am seated on a foam roller on the floor of my spare bedroom. I’m trying to make efforts of sitting up straight and sitting on a foam roller reminds me to think tall thoughts! The morning sunshine coming through the window makes this room the warmest room in the house, and I can see the sky is blue and it looks like a stunning day for my 1hr of yard time. Thanks Uncle Dan!

What are you reading? ABC News. Not really the inspiring self-development answer, but it’s the truth! I am trying to make a habit of keeping up to date with what’s happening in the world daily.

What are you listening to? Podcast: How I Built This with Guy Raz (NPR). He interviews the founders of businesses and they tell their stories how it all happened – good eps include Lululemon, Patagonia, Bumble, Dyson. Tunes: Creating a Spotify radio from The Jungle Giants.

What are you watching? MONEY HEIST. It’s all in Spanish so if you can’t do subtitles, probs not. But HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Also it has taken 27 years to find my one true love, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. How I have not watched Friends before? I am loving it.

What are you wearing day to day? 70% trackies/comfies 20% making an effort to put on an actual outfit 10% activewear all day

Have you implemented some structure to your day? Or are you taking it a day at a time? A little structure for the morning. I try to get up early because watching the sunrise is an automatic ‘win’ for the day for me. But if I don’t, I have learnt to not beat myself up about pressing snooze 40 times. Some days I have coffee and stretch and read the news, some days I do a morning workout, some days I get into my doona cocoon and watch Friends.

How are you keeping busy? I think I am up to my 4th business plan for the year. I opened my rooftop studio NOAH Training in March and it has been a ride. Constant changes with restrictions has been a challenge with what I’m allowed to offer for clients. Currently it’s IG Live workouts and uploading workouts to NOAH YouTube channel. I also create content for brands so have been shooting fashion content for a few different businesses too.

Are you doing any at-home workouts? Yes! I change my workouts daily, and I usually craft them myself. Weights, HIIT, bodyweight or pilates-inspired workouts at home, run around the track or Yarra, or if I’m vibing yoga, my go-to ladies are Amelia La Rosa or Yoga With Adriene. Oh and every Sunday morning I livestream on the NOAH Instagram which is so, so fun. I love teaching!

How are you staying positive? Being grateful for the things I have. Catching myself in a negative thought and spinning it around to find a positive. Reminding myself that everything in life in temporary. Also, my partner is a super positive person which helps a lot. You are definitely a product of your environment, and in a time where we are stuck with each other 24/7, positivity is KEY. Very much grateful for him.

How are you practicing self care? What are you doing to look after your mental health? – Exercise. Oh my goodness. I love exercise so much and it’s a bonus that it’s my job. – FaceTime. There’s something about seeing a friendly face rather than just a call or text that makes you feel connected

What has been the most unexpected blessing that has come out of this for you? Growing the NOAH community online has given me so much purpose. I receive incredible feedback weekly about how much I am helping others throughout lockdown. The funny part is, I’m pretty sure it’s helping me more than it is them. I am so grateful for every single person that has backed me and my new business and it is so much more than that now. It is a place of purpose, fun and positivity for me. I love creating content that makes people want to move their butts but also have a laugh while doing so.

Any other tips?  To whomever is reading this… Drink some water. Also, you are doing great. Alice xx

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