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At Home with Freya Lawler

At Home with Freya Lawler

Our ongoing ‘JA At Home Series’ aims to unite women during this difficult and isolating time. It’s a way to share on our experiences, provide insights into our current lives and ways in which we are all managing, in the hopes that as a collective, we can stay connected from our homes and help one another through this.

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Freya is a bachelor qualified naturopath, nutritionist (BHSc) and natural fertility educator, dedicated to exploring what really works when it comes to natural therapies and holistic wellness. Above all though, Freya is a beautiful soul both inside and out, and shares with us her lockdown experience and invaluable insight into ways she is navigating her way through this time.

How are you? Really well! Life is a constant work in progress at the moment. Lockdown in Melbourne has provided a platform to really re-evaluate how I live my life, who I surround myself by, what inspires me, and what work I need to do!

Tell us where you are and what you can see? I am in inner Melbourne, staring out my apartment window, looking at the sky and feeling the soon to be spring beams of light shining in on me – very special!

What are you reading?  Research and textbooks aside.. I try my best to buy the Saturday Paper every couple of weeks. I am minimising time spent keeping up with the news at the moment as I feel it’s somewhat detrimental to health. Instead, I’ll try to read something uplifting and enlightening, or get lost in research.

What are you listening to? On Being with Krista Tippet – one of my favourite Podcasts – I highly recommend the episode ‘Radical Love ‘with Omid Safi. It is particularly relevant to these times.

What are you watching? ‘Pose’ – Incredible, uplifting, achingly sad but heart wrenchingly funny all in one. It explores black trans ballroom culture in N.Y in the 80’s/90’s. It’s fabulous, you wont regret it!!

What are you wearing day to day? Well, today I put on my favourite jeans and Ironed a floatey bell sleeved linen blouse as I’m with patients all day on zoom (this felt like such a treat). Usually, I will wear activewear/tights/trackpants and then jazz up what I’m wearing on top. It’s fun to mix it up!

Have you implemented some structure to your day? Or are you taking it a day at a time? I have some general guidelines I aim to follow, however I am extremely aligned with taking each day as it comes and allowing myself to slow down when I need it.

How are you keeping busy? I have just launched my own online wellness consulting business, so this is keeping me very busy! I feel very grateful to have the extra time during lockdown to devote to the growth of my business, the timing has actually been really great, I don’t imagine I would be here, where I am now, without Corona!

Are you doing any at-home workouts? Yes – these are keeping me sane! 20-30minute pilates with The Pilates Class and a 40 minute zip around my favourite nature trail for some fresh air. If I’m drinking coffee, I’ll pick one up at the start of my walk and enjoy it as a morning treat. I try to leave my phone/headphones at home – this way I can truely appreciate the sounds of the birds, hear the tree’s and make the most of the little time I get outdoors during lockdown.

How are you staying positive? Connecting with beautiful people that inspire me, taking one day at a time and ensuring I am doing things that I love, on the daily.

How are you practicing self care? What are you doing to look after your mental health? Daily walks and pilates every other day, enjoying beautiful uplifting meals and never forgetting to laugh.

What are you most grateful for right now? Beautiful friends and family, the sunshine for peaking through

What are you most hopeful for? A new way of living post corona. More respect for mother earth, more support and acknowledgement to small business and their importance in our community. Deeper and greater social connection.

What has been the most unexpected blessing that has come out of this for you? Deeper gratitude for the small things in life.

Are there any goals you have set yourself? I have tried many things alas not many have stuck – apart from walks, pilates and nourishing food and the mainstayers

What are you most looking forward to in the future? A trip home to my island state of Tasmania!

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