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At Home with Jasmine Gescheit

At Home with Jasmine Gescheit
Our ongoing ‘JA At Home Series’ aims to unite women during this difficult and isolating time. It’s a way to share on our experiences, provide insights into our current lives and ways in which we are all managing, in the hopes that as a collective, we can stay connected from our homes and help one another through this. Share your experience


Hi friends! For those of you who don't know me, I am the founder of Jasmine Alexa. I wanted to share with you my current world and how I am navigating and managing through this crazy time. It's been a roller coaster of a ride, but I hope I can share some insight into what has worked and was hasn't for me, in the hopes that it can shed some light on your current worlds.

How are you? Today I am feeling positive and motivated although not every day has been like this. To be honest it has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. There have been a lot of Corona Cries, which I know is normal. I'm just trying to settle into my new way of life. This week has been a lot better.

Tell us where you are and what you can see? I'm sitting at the new work area I set up at home. Up until yesterday I was working from my dining table with my partner Nick. I needed my own space, so I decided to set one up. It's all white and clean and I have my favourite mug next to me, as well as some preserved flowers which make me happy (I have preserved flowers all around the house - I love them!)

What are you reading? I'm actually reading 3 books at the moment which sounds crazy, however I find that I like to read different things depending on how I am feeling. I'm reading Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, Calm For Life by Paul Wilson and rereading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. I've also been reading a lot of cookbooks because like everyone else, I'm cooking a lot more.

What are you listening to? I'm always listening to something, especially when I work. Right now I'm listening to the JA Radio 'At-Home Workout Disco Hits', Brene Brown's new podcast - Unlocking us, The Tim Ferris Show podcast and listening to a lot of old vinyl at night.

What are you watching? I've stopped watching the news - I find it really affects my mood negatively, so I'm all for Netflix right now. Nick and I just finished watching Tiger King (like the rest of the world) and just started season 3 of Ozark.

What are you wearing day to day? Either my jeans and JA Lee Organic Cotton tee (it's so comfy) or my JA 3 piece feel-good bundle (Shorts, Crop and Tank)

Have you implemented some structure to your day? Or are you taking it a day at a time? Initially I was taking it day by day because I was running off of adrenaline trying to sort out everything with work. I was having wine most nights which I usually don't do, I wasn't sleeping well, eating well or exercising. I was in fight or flight mode. Since then, I have implemented structure to my days and it has been so helpful. I make up the usual time I would if I was going to work, 6:30am, I then exercise, have a shower, eat breakfast, have a green tea and then I'm at my desk at 8:30am and start my work day. My morning routine has been a saviour. Mentally, I am feeling so much better.

How are you keeping busy? Work! I am adding an entire new section to the JA website which is taking up most of my time. I am really enjoying having the time to do this. I am also cooking a lot and experimenting with new recipes. I'm also exercising everyday.

Are you doing any at-home workouts? Yes! I'm doing Pilates and Boxing with Upstate LIVE, and Yoga with Vinny At-home. I'm also doing lots of running and walking to get some fresh air.

How are you staying positive? I'm listening to a lot of podcasts that are helping me to wrap my head around the current situation (Brene Brown's episode on Comparative Suffering was epic). Also, reaffirming to myself that I am not going through this alone, and this will one day be over. I also have been doing a lot of Zoom catch ups with friends - that has been so nice.

How are you practicing self care? What are you doing to look after your mental health? Exercise mainly, but also trying to be kind to myself during this time. I put a lot of pressure on myself normally, so I'm trying to allow myself to slow down and accept that the feelings I am feeling are normal.

What are you most grateful for right now? My family, my friends and their health!

What are you most hopeful for? That we can all take the positives from this situation, like slowing down, being kinder to each other, having compassion for the greater world and realising that we are all the same no matter our status, race, religion, gender etc.

What has been the most unexpected blessing that has come out of this for you? Have the time to slow down and realise what is truly important in life. Funny enough, I feel more loved and connected to my friends and family then I have before, even though I cannot see them. There has been a mutual effort from everyone to check in, make time to call (not text) and really ask how we are all doing, not just a casual 'how are you?'

Are there any goals you have set yourself? To be kinder to myself

What are you most looking forward to in the future? Hugging all my friends and family!!

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